zondag 30 december 2012

Working on a Sunday afternoon

Today I started the second flatcar. In the mould I made it is easy working. The base is ready:

With the rest of the wood parts attached and sanded lightly:

And planked. Not to tight, I do that a little "loose". I think these cars wheren't that straight in those days:

My wife is still busy with the Lacy hotel. She wasn't satisfied with the chimney so she used the foam base she made to pour one and covered that with clay that is normally used by children and is the stuff that drys in a hour. After hardening she carve the stones in it:

As foundation there has to be a few row of stones in sight onder the wooden walls. She starts this way, a slab of clay straightened and ready to be made to fit and to be carved:

The chimney on its place and the foundation lies to dry. I think it looks good:

Later more!

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