vrijdag 25 september 2015

Oke, we do a 1:55 follow-up!

Hi all,

After a long thought I decided that I will do a extension to the Kennesaw layout instead of a new H0 layout. The 1:55n3 layout still has exhibition-potential and can do some expo's in the coming years. Keeping it in my garage stuffed away is a shame I think.

The need for a extension came from operating the layout at previous shows. The way her layout is makes it difficult to switch properly. Why? Well, very simply; there is no runaround track. So I made a sketch of what I want in the 3rd module to be build:

To the left it will fit the current layout. You see that I want it with a round corner so that you can look into the layout. Further it is my intention to make a little village with the hous set of Renadra Limited (http://www.renedra.co.uk/):

I also already ordered a gallow-type turntable from Alan Cox of Ktwood Hill Models from England (http://www.kitwoodhillmodels.com/). That one will fit just tight in the right rounded corner. It is 25cm in diameter (11,5 inch) and will fit my 4-4-0 loco's well:

So, that is the plan. This weekend I have the first exhibition of the after-vacation period, and it will be in Valkenburg ZH in the Netherlands: http://www.stoomtreinkatwijkleiden.nl/  After the show my plan is to make the rough module on monday.

So; stay tuned!

Grtz, Ronald.

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