vrijdag 25 januari 2013


The right side is ready now:

I started the 2nd switch oher than the first one. Now the point gets a brass base to fix the rail on. Soldered:

And smoothend:

The first rail:

And the second one. It is held in place with Wenz pieces and I take extra care with the NMRA gauge::

Wing rails fiited the same way as the point, soldered and spiked:

The turnout is ready now, it works properly and itruns good with a truck through it:

On the way to the last one. The outer rail is spiked, the inner is just for positioning the point of the turnout:

 Brass plate fitted and point shaped rails:

Point soldered and the first rail in place:

Time to go to bed.... tired. Tomorrow and Sunday will be good for finishing the trackwork!

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