Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First road tour

Hi all,

Its been long since the last post. Summer went by and the exhibition season starts again this year. The first one was for me in Newcastle England, so I had to take the layout out of the museum one week before the exhibition ended. They were easy on me..

My car packed fully with 2 layouts! The roof case holds all the legs, the rest is packed in the car. The second layout "The Shop" is packed on the back, for that I use a bike carrier:

I travelled on Thursday from Rotterdam NL to Hull GB:

After leaving the ferry on friday morning I travelled 160 miles to Newcastle on Tyne over Great Brittain's beautiful roads:

The show was held in a small hall that is normally used for bowling. For now the delicate floor was covered by a special layer:

And Friday afternoon al was set up and tested for the show on Saturday and Sunday:

And I got my special plates:

The hotel I was in was situated in North Shields, near the coast of the North Sea. Well, it is nice, I have to agree. But it was rather cold, around 65 degree Fahrenheit:

The hotel:

On Sunday evening at 6 the hall was empty again.....:

My hotel room for 3 nights:

Driving back I came along the "Angel of the North", a tall statue build of metal. 20 meters high and 200 tons in weight. Very impressive:

On Monday on my returntrip I travelled towards York where the National Railway Museum is located:

And visited for 2 hours before driving to Hull again. Here in front of a (I believe) class 26):

A quick meal from a well-known restaurant.... ;) :

And on the ferry again, now heading to Rotterdam NL. Well, it is very nice on the back deck in the evening sun:

And as panorama shot:

Wel, the trip was worth it but for 2 days show you are busy for 6 days. I was alone and that too isn't good, the next time I will go with a minimum of 2 persons.

See you all!