Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final testrun after completing the electrics

So, the layout runs properly after some tuning. To show that I made a short movie:

You see that the loco runs over all the tracks. I placed the chimney loose on its place to show that the track is flat enough.

How I solved the electric on the point of the turnout:

Tomorrow more!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turnout control

Made the control today, the rods now have knobs. We bought them in the home depot store:

From close view:

The pieces my son made where the electric switches will be mounted on:

My wife is pretty busy with the hotel:

She does that at our living room tabel, that's cosy!:


Another short movie

It does make that much fun that I shot a short second movie. This time the room light is on:

Have fun!!

Painting trackwork

Today I painted the trackwork. Color is Revell Aqua rust nr 83. Here the left modul:

And the right one:

I like it. It looks good and even. Let's go do some ballast!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's alive, it's alive!

Well, I did it. The layout trackwork is finished. I made a testrun from one side to the other and I'm reasonably happy with it. Already made some minor adjustments but it runs pretty good.
There are still no electric switches on the turnout control so it's not possible to switch tracks without extensive wire switching:

I'm now painting the rail in a rusty colour. After that it is time to embed the whole thing is ballast, and that will be sand.

The electric wiring is connected to brass rods I made from installation wire from the home depot. I straightened them in a drill so they lie good under the modules:

Later more!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Electric and other work

 Yesterday I prepared the manual turnout control. This is the stuff I use to secure it:

Here the rod (3 mm thick) with the same thickness piece that goes to the switch tie. The small ones are for the maximum travel of the rod, here they still need to be adjusted:

And all three in one module. They will get wooden knobs but I still have to purchase them:

Electric wire lies ready for installing, short pieces will be soldered to the rail and then to a brass rod:

The rods are prepared tonight. This is wire that is used in electric home installations. I removed the insulation and made it straight in a drilling device:

Later more!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Last trackwork

Today I finished the trackwork on the left module. First I lais out the rest of the rail on the left back track:

After that I spiked it down, together with the second rail of the point of the turnout:

After that I drilled a lenghtened hole for the switchrod:

And fastened the rail to the stubswitch:

So yo see, it is finished so far:

I'm happy, later!

Friday, January 25, 2013


The right side is ready now:

I started the 2nd switch oher than the first one. Now the point gets a brass base to fix the rail on. Soldered:

And smoothend:

The first rail:

And the second one. It is held in place with Wenz pieces and I take extra care with the NMRA gauge::

Wing rails fiited the same way as the point, soldered and spiked:

The turnout is ready now, it works properly and itruns good with a truck through it:

On the way to the last one. The outer rail is spiked, the inner is just for positioning the point of the turnout:

 Brass plate fitted and point shaped rails:

Point soldered and the first rail in place:

Time to go to bed.... tired. Tomorrow and Sunday will be good for finishing the trackwork!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some stuff.

Ordered half December some stuff at Boulder Valley. The 4-4-0 needed a new stack and they had a good looking one. Dallas put some extra stuff in the box, great service of this guy!!:

Took the original of and screwed the new floor plate on the boiler:

And loosely placed the new Funnel Stack. I think it looks great!:


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Track part IV

Did the first part of the 3rd track this morning, now I'm preparing for the part towards the turnout:


Monday, January 21, 2013

Track part III

And the middle spur is finished tonight:


Track part II

This morning I went on with the second track. To secure the ends of track on the modules I use a klittle brass screw under the rail. Here they stand in a hole previously drilled by hand:

Leveled under the rail:

And soldered. Later I sanded the joints:

And further it goes with the middle track:


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Building track again!

Tonight I went on with the tracklaying. Despite my backproblems I went on with the help of extra stools, bands around my back and so on.... I managed the front track, at the end it is secured with 2 brass screws on which I soldered the rail:

The rail for the second track already lies in place, so I can work on it  tomorrow.

Later more!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

And more!

I went on with figures and stuff from Redoubt Enterprises. This is the assembled set that will go around the campfire:

Stack of musket rifles go in front of the tents:

RE does there figures with seperate heads, that way you can adapt these figures to your own needs:

The set with seated figures is great, here are two of the guys on the loaded flatcar:

And in detail and close-up:

They have a 32-pounder that fits well on the gun flatcar:

And a overview of the camp:


Building stuff!

Yesterday started the guns, my other stuff arrived this past week. I first build the guns and limbers, wheels are still loose on the models:


With the General Purpose wagon and the Surrey carriage:

Overview of the place-to-be. Still some tents missing, they are primed yet:

Two flats with there gun loads. Can anybody tell me how these things where secured? Can't find anything on that:

The gun site. It will have a lot of detail when finished:

And again from another angle. I already like it!: