Tuesday, March 16, 2021

 So, started with the paintwork:

Not much but I keep you posted!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Hi all, some little work today. Sprayed the first 2 figures with Vallejo Black basepaint:

This I used, great stuff. It has a fine pigment:

More to come!

Grtz, Ronald. 


Sunday, March 7, 2021

Building me a small ACW diorama!

 Hi all,

Long time no hear! 6 years no update, I'm ashamed..... time to reanimate this ACW blog. My modeling effort was not much during Covid. We also are renovating part of our house so I have more than enough work next to my daytime job.

But I stil want to model something but only a small project I can handle in my spare freetime during the evenings.  So I designed a small dio in 1:35 with figures from Imex I had in my stash.

My idea is to make a diorama like I build my layouts; as a showcase. So I went through my spare woodparts and found a nice piece of 9 mm birch. That I cut into 4 pieces:

Glued and nailed them together to a box:

Cut a back from some spare 9 mm and glued and nailed it to the box:

So it looks like a box, it only needs a front:

The front I made from 5 mm bitch and fastened it temporarely:

It also has a 22 mm base for the actual diorama. It still lies looser in the box.

Then I went to the attic and tried some compositions with the figures I have:

This one I liked the most:

So far so good, untill the next update! It will come sooner than the ones before 😉

Grtz, Ronald.