Sunday, July 31, 2022

The picture is clear!


Progress is good! Made a extra ledstrip in the back, later I will explain why:

Looks good so far:

Needed fine sand to make a good landscape filler like the MIG and Vallejo ones. This is Chincilla sand:

Basis of the mix I make is Gesso from the artist shops:

Some acrylic paint to colour it:

And mix it thoroughly:

The first piece on the base:

And on the rest. Because of the fine sand it gives a good rough underground:

After it dried I had to soften the background colours, they where to hard. So I took my airbrush and compressor outside:

And toned down the colours and set a white above the horizon line:

With light on:

And with the base in it:

So that was done. Then I did give the base a black wash:

And let it dry overnight:

We are getting there!:

After the wash the terrain needed a drybrush, I do that with the same acrylic tube colours:

When that has dried (short time) it was time for the first Woodland Scenics fineturf. I use the two basic colours brown and green:

The technique is simple; "stipple" white glue directly random:

And push a little with a brush:

Then apply a little from both in the same move:

And work your way over the base:

The result is this:

Put it back in the case to see it under its own light:

Satisfied! Later!

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Its coming along!

Well, made good progress! First the set of 1:32 figures had to be cleaned from flash:

You see they have a lot of that:

After that they needed some basic paint, in my cads


And drying:

Testfitting the wooden base in the box:

And the figures dried well. These will be painted:

The dioramabox will need som light. I choose a simple ledstrip from a shop called Action. They are well known in Europe for cheap products. This strip is 3 meters long, only white leds and has a batterybox. Very usefull on exhibitions where you don't need extra power for it:

I cut those to fitting pieces, need 5 of them. They have self-adhesive backs but I put some extra dots gel superglue with that to fix them:

For in place:

In between I painted the hill on the base a dark brown which I mixed from different acrylic colors:

Time for soldering the wires to the strips. Onlyconcern is to keep track of the polarity. Where you wire them doesn't care, all are in parallell:

First test, they work!:

Temporary fit with light:

With the front attached, looks good to me!:

So, lets mix some paint! I do that with simple cheap acrylic paint colors. For beige I need 4; red, yellow, white and green:

4 equal dots:

Mix them with a paletknife:

Dark brown, to dark:

Yellow and white to lighten it, more yellow for the beige:

Thats the one I need! This color is for the sand part in front:

And painting:

And ready, its the look I want:

Testfit after drying, with the 5 strips of light it is what I had in mind:

And with the figires in base paint. Can you envision my idea?:

More to come!

Greetz, Ronald.