Sunday, March 31, 2024

New 0N30 layout in the making!

 Hi all,

We are in the process of building a new small exhibition layout in 0N30. It will be a swamp layout based on Louisiana swamp logging. Focus will be the swamp, cypress trees and a small harbour. We is myself and my wife Wanda who will build the trees and some buildings.

It will be around 4,5 feet by 1,5 feet visible and a equal part non-visible as runaround staging.


It will feature a Kitwood Hill Models paddlesteamer. 

We use wood from a JV Models kit.

And Coffee stir sticks.

Wanda will build this Plantation house as background model.

The best tool ever: the NWSL Cutter!


Later more!

Grtz, Ronald. 

Vernon CA finished!

 Hi folks,

Some pictures of the finished Micro Layout "Vernon CA". Enjoy!

Grtz, Ronald 

The layout in all its glory!

Front view. Its only 2 x 1 ft visible!

As it stood on 15 to 17th of March 2024 in the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht at the OntraXS show.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Coming exhibition OntraXS!

Hard at work now, the micro has to be in top condition coming weekend. Still needs some details so that it will have. Also it needs some green overall and a little finetuning.

It stands on the living room table so I can work on it comfortably:

Made a new wire for switching the turnout.  The one that was in it broke: 

Made some stacks of pallets from a Auhagen kit:

More to come!

Greetz, Ronald