Tuesday, October 19, 2021

The first modules

 Started with some preparations. Still had 1 small modules from a previous project but they got water damage from store them... Took them out of my garage and put them in house to dry them with the heater on. It took them a week to dry:

After a week they dried good:

After they dried I took them out to make them connect to each other. I also had the lightcoves that belonged to them. Originally they where bolted to the module, now I glued them together:

2 new tops on the modules:

And in place:

Lightcoves bolted together:

And glued to the module backwall:

This will be the base for the new ACW H0 layout. To the left and right it will have staging yards of 2 feet long. Then the whole layout will be 4 feet staging + 8 feet of layout. So together 12 feet long and 1 foot deep.

Basic of the plan will be a design of Bernard Kempinski he drew for a possible ACW road show. It containes Alexandria and is called "USMRR Union Street switching district". I liked it so much I will adapt that name to my layout:

So far so good, keep you posted!

Grtz, Ronald.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Will it happen? A new H0 ACW layout?

 Long time no hear. A short update; I'm planning a new H0 ACW layout. It will not be that big, 8 by 1 ft. Working out a plan now, basic is the Bernard Kempinski plan of the Alexandria switching layout.

Keep you posted!

Grtz, Ronald.