Thursday, January 3, 2013

Building couplers and other stuff

Tonight I build 13 coupler houses with the link and pin. They are Wiseman and fitted for Kadee housing. This is my workspot at the table in the livingroom:

I start with the standard box, cut off the ears, lay in the 232 spring from Kadee, there is the coupler that will fit in the lid and then the whole box with coupler. I painted the middle part of the coupler so that it will keep moving when I paint the heads of the couplers:

6 pair ready for fitting under a car:

Number 13 had still to be placed under the already finished flatcar:

My wife finished the top of the roof with shingles, here she places a dot of white glue:

And then she lays in the shingle with the tip of a scalpel knfe:

Later more!

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