zaterdag 15 september 2012

Some 28mm stuff usable for 1:55 and the painting technique

I ordered some stuff last week from Perry Miniatures ( for the project. The figures are all metal and lookes very good. The tents are plastic and also are good to use.

The stuff:

The metal guns and a set of Confederate Generals:

Loose assembled gun:

Together with a friend of mine who has a good painting technique we start painting these the 29th of September. We are in a group of modellers who will meet that day. This group has as a purpose to have fun in the hobby and to take it to the next (=higher) level. All have there specialties and I am one of the guys who does American modelling.

How we paint? Well, this way. These are 1:72 figures but the way to go is the same.

Basic black with first deails painted:

The colours on the uniform:

Left mine, right his painted example:

And another one to go:

It's not as hard as it seems. So I will go one with the bigger ones.
More to come!

Grtz, Ronald.

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Bernie zei

I have been using many 28mm figures on my O scale (1/48th) layout. They work great in the background conveying a sense of distance. I also use 1/48 and 1/43 scale figures. These are placed intheforeground near the other full 1/48th scale models.