Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Civil War Modeling

 Hi all,

My building is very versatile... from HO US to logging to ACW. Problem is that my span of interest is way to big 🙂

ACW is still alive. I'm still in the ACW group on Groups i.o. and enjoy the effort I see there. It still keeps me interested in the subject.

The Union Street project is on hold but safe in storage. A lot of buildings bought in the years are waiting to be build. It will not be a precise replica of Alexandria but I will try to use buildings that fit the era. I also will show a little piece of the harbour.

Some impressions. A Campbell harbour:

Magnussen Models factory, maybe some kitbashing:

Period correct models:

Victorian houses:

Some variations maybe:

Keep you posted! 

Grtz, Ronald. 

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