Friday, February 1, 2013

Starting the ballasting!

I do have a stash of sifted sand, I use that for ballast:

First I bring it on with a spoon, rub it down the ties and finish it with a brush:

Then I spray it with water with some drops of dish detergent. This will "relax" the water so the water-glue mix will penetrate the sand:

Then I drop it in with the mix, in this case I use flexibel glue from a Dutch manufacturer called Anita Decor ( in the mix 1 part glue to 5 parts water. I drop it in with a seringe:

At the turnouts the glue wanted to penetrate the switchtie. I had to fast-dry it with a hair dryer:

 The second part:

 And glued:

It dries now, tomorrow more fun! ;)

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