Friday, February 8, 2013

4-4-0 conversion/rebuild

I did some work on the Bachmann 4-4-0.  Bought a cab kit from Mount Blue Model Co, it is a angled roof that fits the period better than the round roof that is on the Bachmann loco:

The kit is fairly easy, laser cut in very thin and fine fineer. All the parts are with it, also nut and bolt castings for the metal simulated plate in front of the cab and on top of the boiler.
Very well done kit and great fun to build. I also bought a funnel from Boulder Valley and a new longer pilot from grandt Line. I also refiited the front lamp so it sits further at the front. I also made new supports struts for the lamp platform:

And here painted. The cab doors are green here (as is the interior) but after taking this picture I redid that and painted them brown as of the rest of the cab:

And from the front:

I think it looks good, Later!

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