zaterdag 8 december 2012

4-4-0 with sound

There is not much progress at the moment, I do hav problems with my back at this moment and working on the layout isn't possible. Instead I transplanted a Esu V4.0 Loksound decoder from my 0N30 Climax into the 4-4-0 American. After that I downloaded the Esu file but wasn't satisfied with it. Because I own the programmer for years now I easaly can alter these decoders. So I searched a new bell and airpump for it, and also adddad the blowoff sound.

I do this at my computerdesk in the living room. I have a Marion Zeller ( roller stand wich I set my loco on. This is connected to the Esu programmer which is coupled to my computer with a special USB cable. The software is capable to load new sound in the decoder but also to test-run your just-programmed loco. A great feature!

Here my video of this morning:

Enjoy it, more progress later!

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