zondag 30 december 2012

Building goes on with the shed

Tonight I went on with the goods shed. I finished the front so far with the 2 doors and the long window. Left there will be a Grandt Line window build in:

What's in the back I don't model because you can't see it from either side. I planked the corner so it will be possible to finish this neatly:

Then I had to make a frame for the platform along the shed. 4 long beams are carried by some short strings attached under the building:

Then I started the planking on the long sides:

On the head sides I lenghtened the planking:

And on there (almost) places, not exactly pointed out. I think the look is good!:

My wife finished the porch roof with the shingles on top of both halves of the roof:

And a overview of the coming camp:

Last but not least; my cell can take a panoramashot, so here it is (allthough a little "crumbled"):

Later more!

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