Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Almost all stuff inhouse!

To my surprise I got 2 packages today. 1 from Wiseman with my link and pin couplers and 1 with 10 sets of Arch Bar trucks:

Both within 6 days from the States to here in Europe with a weekend in between... hmmmm, not bad at all!

The Wiseman stuff is great to see, the link and pin couplers are very good done and detailled. It will be more difficult on a exhibition to switch but I will work that out later on. Also I got stake pockets for my to-be-build flatcars. As a bonus I gave myself a handcar kit, maybe it is usable on this layout.

Only my railspikes from Wenz are on the way, he sent it today. That will take probably 2 to 3 days from Germany to here in Holland.

Later more!!

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