Saturday, November 17, 2012

(Hand)tracklaying has started

Today I started the preperation for the tracklaying. This afternoon I tested the length of the ties, about 2 inches:

After that I cut 20 lengths of 2 feet, so I had about 240 ties. Enough for the start:

Before I started the underground I made a jig for the round corner, I maybe will need it:

I took pieces of 3,5 mm plywood as roadbed, I do this to have some "flesh" for the tiny Wenz rail spikes. Here testing the track- and building layout:

Then I cut it to the form needed with a electric saber saw:

I tested for the positions of the turnouts, so I printed out three templates from the Fast Tracks website and glued them in place:

Well, let's start laying some ties. I started with the first straight pieces of track:

I glue these ties (of basswood) on the roadbed with cheap white glue. It is still of high quality, I use it on all my layouts and never had problems with it. Here my son took two pics, the first of where I set the glue on the tie:

And where I press it in place. I look over the valance by standing on my toes so I can align the ties properly:

Some more work is setting the turnout ties. I measured them and then cut them to there desired lenghts:

Here the first turnout is as far ready. The swith tie lies loose between the long ones for proper distance:

And at the end of my (hobby)evening at 9.30 pm: 

 Enough done, tomorrow there is another day. First a good glas of wine on the Saturday evening!


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