Thursday, November 8, 2012

Try to build a good looking copy of a flatcar. I took a 22 foot as example. But I'm not sure this is correct for the timeframe. As near example I took a Stoney Creek Designs 0N30 flatcar and the BTS H0 car:


The centerbeams are made out of one piece because I ran out on the good size wood.
After that I fitted Vulcan trucks from Bachmann. They have to be Arch Bar but these are ordered and underway to me:

And on the layout to fit with the loco:

Here I saw that the timber on the underside sat wrong, it should be between the beams, not under so I corrected that:

I think it is a reasonable good looking car. Not correct of gauge but it still looks as a flatcar from that period.
Later it will get the necessary details.

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